Stargus® Biofungicide - Treat 和 Control Downy Mildew 和 葡萄孢属

Stargus Biofungicide

以长期行动更长久地控制疾病. Provides broad spectrum disease control on challenging diseases such as downy mildew, 葡萄孢属镰刀菌素 和更多的. Re-apply 2-4 times at 7-10 day intervals for extended efficacy throughout the season. Multiple modes of action make it a great resistance management tool.


  • 免mrl:无需担心残留
  • Flexible labor scheduling: 0-Day PHI 和 4 hour REI
  • 易罐混合
  • 最小的个人防护用品

应用程序: 叶面 (Aerial or Ground), Chemigation, 土壤 Treatment, Backpack/H和 Sprayer
活性成分: 芽孢杆菌amyloliquefaciens F727


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Stargus biofungicide is approved to control downy mildew, 葡萄孢属 和 other fungal 和 bacterial diseases in a large number of commercial specialty crops.



Stargus's unique mode of action brings a sustainable option to help simplify 和 extend your IPM program.


提高产量 & 质量

Control downy mildew to increase marketable yield for top profit on every acre



Simple IPM option gives peace of mind of sustainable disease management 和 resistance prevention



Can be used right before harvest without concern for residues


Helps simplify your labor scheduling 和 avoids costly downtime

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Stargus’ simple IPM option gives peace of mind of sustainable disease management 和 resistance prevention.

The Stargus mode of action to control downy mildew, 葡萄孢属 很多疾病有两个方面:

  • 一旦应用, Stargus actively acts as a plant-growth promoting microbe, 刺激植物防御, 和
  • Stargus colonizes the plant tissue to out-compete pathogenic organisms trying to gain a foothold
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Conquer Downy Mildew 和 Other Fungal 和 Bacterial 疾病 with Biologicals

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马伦生物创新’ newest biofungicide provides broad-spectrum control on foliar 和 soil-borne diseases such as 霜霉病, 葡萄孢属,镰刀菌素、丝核菌、疫霉属 和更多的 on a wide range of vegetables 和 fruit crops. Stargus是基于 芽孢杆菌amyloliquefaciensstrain F727 和 has multiple modes of action, including triggering the plant’s own systemic defenses. It is easily tank mixed with other products 和 is intended to be part of an integrated crop management program. Learn how to fit it into your IPM program 和 get stronger, healthier plants that provide higher 质量 和 yield.

标题: Conquer Downy Mildew 和 Other Fungal 和 Bacterial 疾病 with Biologicals
记录: 2020年3月24日

  • Dr. Melissa O’Neal, Product 发展 Manager, Western Us, 马伦生物创新
  • Cindy Bishop, Key Account Manager, 马伦生物创新
  • Dr. 宾度Poudel, Extension Plant Pathologist/Plant 疾病 Diagnostician, The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension-Yuma County




Stargus biofungicide performed similarly to most st和ard materials to control downy mildew 和 other fungal diseases.


“Stargus biofungicide is an excellent rotational partner. The broad spectrum fungicide increases marketable yield in a number of key crops such as leafy greens, 苹果, 葡萄, 甘蔗浆果, 果期蔬菜, 类型和更多. This MRL-Exempt product is recognized in university trial data for controlling foliar 和 soil borne diseases such as downy mildew in lettuce, 葡萄孢属 在葡萄, 镰刀菌素 在芹菜.”
~ André Trépanier,市场总监


The following best use practices should be kept in mind to effectively use Stargus Biofungicide:

疾病 应用程序
葡萄孢属 2 - 4夸脱/英亩 叶面
霜霉病 2 - 4夸脱/英亩 叶面
镰刀菌素 3 - 4夸脱/英亩 土壤
白色的模具 2 - 4夸脱/英亩 叶面
可持续农业11 | MBI

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