Emergen™ is an excellent tank mix partner for plant development and increased, consistent yield.

Emergen optimizes conditions for abiotic stress tolerance by providing additional nutrients to the plant. It is engineered to enhance the plant’s all-around healthiness by stimulating its metabolic activity, energy economy, and stress durability.

Emergen is an excellent tank mixing partner for traditional fungicides and 标兵®.

Emergen is a proprietary plant extract derived from the forest industry. The core technology is based on circular economy. This molecular level complex contains well-balanced ratios of vital macro, 微, and trace minerals for greater product efficacy. The organic nutrients and 微elements are more mobile and easily biologically available to the plant.

Emergen is highly concentrated for a low dose rate per acre and is easy to handle as high concentrate water soluble coarse flakes (wettable granules).


产品 CONTAINS: Potassium (K), organic acids and 微nutrients

FORMULATION: 水 Soluble Course Powder

Sustainable Ag 2 | MBI


Common bte365官网在线投 (US)

  • 玉米
  • 大豆
  • 小麦
  • 棉花

Emergen Efficacy

Emergen’s efficacy is supported by over trials in the Midwest. Emergen has been shown to lead to an 8.5 bushel per acre increase in corn in 2020, providing a 5:1 ROI versus a fungicide application alone. Adding Emergen to the tank increases the number of rows in corn and produces longer, healthier kernels. In soybeans, Emergen has been shown to lead to a 3.1 bushel per acre increase in 2020, providing a 8:1 ROI versus a fungicide application alone. Adding Emergen to the tank with 标兵® has been shown to lead to more soybeans per acre.


叶率 2.2盎司干./A
10 - 20的绩点
Timing – 玉米 V4-V6 &/或Vt-R1
Timing – Soybean V3-V5 through R3
Timing – 小麦 Feekes 3 through Feeks 10.5

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