Sacramento Business Journal | Mark Anderson

马伦生物创新公司. is launching a business-to-business platform to sell its products to other companies that will use them to treat either soil or seeds in order to create custom products for farmers.

可持续农业1 | MBIDavis-based 马伦 (Nasdaq: MBII) makes biological controls to manage pathogens, mold and pests in agriculture as an alternative to chemicals.

In the past, the company has sold its products through distributors to farmers. With its new TerraConnect platform, 马伦 will also sell directly to seed companies and other integrated pest management companies. Those companies will use 马伦’s products, perhaps in combination with other products, to create custom products for sale, 艾丽西亚吉尔曼说, 发言人与马伦.

Pretreated seeds are a growing segment of the market, whether they are treated for growth, 防虫防霉, 或者全部, 吉尔曼说.

一些公司, 吉尔曼拒绝透露具体是哪一家, are currently using 马伦 products to pretreat seeds.

The TerraConnect platform creates a new market for 马伦, and it comes at a time when many existing chemicals used to protect seeds and crops are no longer available, 吉尔曼说.

The use of a pesticide known as organophosphate insecticide chlorpyrifos was banned this year by action of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in California.

A host of other chemicals used to control mold and pests are also targeted to come off the market in coming years to protect farm workers, 消费者与益虫, 吉尔曼说.

马伦, 成立于2006年, has approved products on the market that act as insecticides and fungicides. It is in the process of getting approvals for a biological weed-control product. The company also sells a product to control invasive quagga mussels in water systems.

马伦 Bio的收入增长了85.4 percent over the three years ending in 2017, which was enough for it to be ranked 16th on the Business Journal’s list of fastest-growing companies this year. 马罗尼·比奥只有18美元.去年的收入是200万.

Through three quarters this year, 马伦 had revenue of $15.200万美元,原来只有14美元.7 million at the same time the previous period.