Grow healthier, higher yielding 大豆 with biologicals.

这些数据来自1500多个试验, 马伦生物创新 has pioneered techniques to provide uniquely powerful benefits for 大豆.


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营养种子处理 UBP种子处理
叶面肥料 UBP 110 & Emergen
植物卫生 标兵

UBP种子处理: A nutritional seed treatment that improves nutrient uptake.

UBP种子处理 is a nutritional seed treatment that improves conditions to aid nutrient uptake and root growth, 哪些可以提高bte365官网在线投的健康, 产量与bte365官网在线投品质.

UBP种子处理 is a based on the same underlying technology as UBP 110. It uses renewable forestry industry byproducts to produce a molecular level complex that contains macro- and 微-nutrients that are more effectively and efficiently delivered to plants.

UBP种子处理 is a second generation of original UBP 110 core technology:

  • Specific formulation for seed treatment of hybrids crops and cereals
  • Designed to support conditions for plant growth
  • 优良的种子安全性和除尘性能


PRODUCT CONTAINS: Potassium (K), organic acids and 微nutrients


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UBP 110: A foliar biological fertilizer that enhances conditions for increased 产量与bte365官网在线投品质.

UBP 110 is a complex 微nutrient fertilizer that enhances conditions which lead to increased yield and improved crop quality.

UBP 110 is a water soluble potassic fertilizer designed for foliar application. It contains organic acids and compounds derived from wood in combination with complex macro and 微elements. UBP 110 delivers nutrients through the foliage and optimizes conditions for plant tolerance and abiotic stress.


PRODUCT CONTAINS: Potassium (K), organic acids and 微nutrients


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标兵 Improves Soybean 植物卫生, Yield and ROI

标兵 is a bio-based plant health product for row crops such as corn, 大豆, 谷类粮食, 花生和更多. 与常规杀菌剂一起使用时, 标兵 improves root growth and chlorophyll production to create a synergy that increases yield beyond what synthetic fungicides alone can generate.

应用程序: 叶生的(地上的和地上的)和沟内的
活性成分: Reynoutria sachalinensis 12%

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Emergen™ is an excellent tank mix partner for plant development and increased, consistent yield.

Emergen optimizes conditions for abiotic stress tolerance by providing additional nutrients to the plant. It is engineered to enhance the plant’s all-around healthiness by stimulating its metabolic activity, 能源经济, 和压力耐久性.

Emergen is an excellent tank mixing partner for traditional fungicides and 标兵®.

Emergen is a proprietary plant extract derived from the forest industry. The core technology is based on circular economy. This molecular level complex contains well-balanced ratios of vital macro, 微, 和微量矿物质,以提高产品功效. The organic nutrients and 微elements are more mobile and easily biologically available to the plant.

Emergen is highly concentrated for a low dose rate per acre and is easy to handle as high concentrate water soluble coarse flakes (wettable granules).


产品 CONTAINS: Potassium (K), organic acids and 微nutrients


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